Marriage Ceremony Curiosities

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Of course, the marriage ceremony is full of emotional moments, both of the memories of the road that the bride and groom have traveled and of the components that are part of it directly; however, those rituals or objects that are part of the celebration are there thanks to a historical legacy full of symbolism and in our blog ZonaE we tell you some of them.

Delivery of the bride

As much as it sounds macho to us and it causes women some feminist “discomfort”, nothing to do! In the past, daughters were considered the property of her father, so the delivery symbolized, among other things, that the responsibility for the fate of the woman was already in the hands of the future husband. The one that surely had been chosen by anyone but the bride.

At present we have given new meaning to this moment in which for all it is an act of trust on the part of our parents towards the person we choose to build our future.


Although we have already dedicated an article to the history of the wedding dress, white appears in modern times as a symbol of purity in every marriage ceremony. Certainly in the past, a clean garment or simply the use of whatever color was in style was sufficient. The insertion of the white wedding dress was born in 1840, the year in which Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg. It was that simple!

The veil

It is one of the elements in which the greatest biblical symbolism falls, both for Catholics and for Jews who celebrate a marriage ceremony. According to this, it is affirmed that the veil is a symbol of protection over the future family. It represents the store (in religious terms), there is God as a protection center.


In another of our articles we tell you how the ring begins to be put on the left ring finger when it is attributed that the “vein of love” that communicated directly to the heart was located in that place. The ring means the eternity and solidity of love and certainly a social symbol of the marital status and “availability” of the wearer.


Among the symbolic marriage ceremonies, “the arras symbolize the material union: “what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine””, but did you know that 12 of them symbolize prosperity during the year? The other means what they will give to the poor.


Flowers: symbol of beauty, youth and fertility. During the ceremony there are supposed to be three bouquets. The entrance (flowers of chance) symbol of purity, the next will be a tribute to the virgin that will be left on the altar and finally the one that we throw at the end of the reception to know who will be the next to go to the altar.

The lasso

The lasso, widely used in symbolic marriage ceremonies, in Catholicism are two rosaries that join in the center, and is a call to pray as a couple: strength in God and seal that the alliance was agreed in front of him . It is also a symbol of mutual care.


I bet you thought cushions were so cute! We tell you that they do have a contribution in the marriage ceremony. It is a call to kneel before God, to humility and to search for perseverance as a couple through prayer as a way of communicating with him.


As that kiss is not the first! In the past that would be the first kiss; however, it will be the first of spouses, total seal and confirmation that they are now husband and wife.


Orient and rice. The logic is that in those lands ancestrally, this grain has been the symbolic equivalent of fertility and prosperity. It is a way for guests to show their good omen at the marriage ceremony they are attending.

Raise the bride in the arms

Surely you have that romantic image from Hollywood movies. We are sorry to destroy it! The reality is that this practice began thanks to the fact that in some tribes they kidnapped the women of other tribes, and of love like Pocahontas!, very little surely.


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