Envelope Rain or Gift List?

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For any type of celebration it can be difficult to decide on which type of gift is best, in ZonaE, we will tell you what are the advantages of raining envelopes or gifts.



  • Choosing between a gift or a rain of envelopes can be overwhelming, but it is important to say that gift lists can be a lot of fun for those who are going to set up an apartment or house from scratch. Having the possibility of finding in the same place most of what is necessary to be able to prepare a new home.Visiting the appropriate place can give the couple clues and inspiration for the setting and decoration they want.

  • It is much more comfortable for the guests to know that whatever they decide to give them will be to their liking.
  • In the same way the couple who are in the dilemma between rain of envelopes or gift, they will know that they will not have surprises about gifts that they might not use well.
  • In the sites available for gift lists, they take everything to your home without you having to worry about this.


  • It can be difficult for guests to navigate to the venue you’ve chosen for your wedding registry, so it would be extremely helpful if there was also an online purchase version.
  • Be aware of the spending capacity of all guests, as the latter may have very expensive options and many will even make a large investment traveling to the ceremony.



  • It is very useful if you already live with your future spouse and they have their house furnished. The money will be used for specific investments such as the honeymoon or even wedding expenses.
  • For people it can be very convenient if they have little time to be able to resort to an envelope and leave their gift, between gifts or rain of envelopes, the latter are more practical.


  • People will feel uncomfortable not knowing how much is due for a gift of money, since that is also related to the customs of each country. That is, in Colombia a certain amount of money may be enough, but in other countries it will not be.
  • It can be compromising and it may be easier to make a good gift through a credit card or bonus in a place of gifts, this is important to take into account if we do not know what to do when having to choose between a gift or a rain of envelopes.


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