Dismissal from the singles Zone

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A toast to those gentlemen who want a refined, loyal but fun bachelor party! And it is that we have that idea of farewells for men full of half-naked women in terrible dens where anything can happen.

And it is not that we are moralists, we simply believe in gentlemen in every sense of the word, those who love their friends and believe in a love based on trust and respect, then we will give them some ideas on how to have a great time in an elegant way, and of course!, a few drinks are not bad at all.


Because bullying between friends is a symbol that there is always confidence to laugh at the most embarrassing moments in a healthy way, even if it is at your friend’s own bachelor party.

What friend does not keep evidence of when everyone was ugly at school? One of the worst ‘bears’ in old celebrations or one of the craziest walks in their history as friends?

Well, it’s time to make a slideshow to remind the groom that we will always be there to remember the stages, however embarrassing they may be, always with a little humor!


If it’s already funny to see girls doing the ‘bear’ while you sing the emblematic songs of their teenage days, then men are not far behind.

There will always be the reluctant friend who thinks these are girls’ games and they are limited to just buying cakes for men’s bachelor parties, but it’s a friend’s day, so there’s no choice.

And if you add a little humor to karaoke, putting on songs like the Spice girls or Lady Gaga, they will surely not stop laughing seeing how funny they look being quite emotional, singing, as well as bachelor party phrases for men. So enjoy!


A list of unsayable bachelor party words or phrases for men is made, and each time it is someone’s turn to speak they must have a drink or lose a point.


Each of the participants says three things about himself, two of them true and one false. The other participants must guess which one is true and which one is false. Whoever is behind can have a drink or lose points, depending on the type of men’s bachelor party celebration that the friends have prepared.


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