Wedding curiosities around the world

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In short, in Colombia we fall short of the curiosities of weddings around the world and the eccentricities that other countries include for marriage festivities. In ZonaE we tell you a list that will leave you speechless so you can leave the tension of the preparations and get down to work with a bit of fun.

Cry for a month?

Yes! As crazy as it may seem to you, the Tujia, China, the bride starts crying a month before. The bride is supposed to do it for at least an hour a day, at 10 days the mother starts crying and at 10 more the grandmother. Perfect actresses for a Mexican soap opera!

That tree will be a good husband!

Another of the curious facts about weddings is found in India, since there are those who believe that if you belong to an astral sign called “Manglik” you are cursed or bewitched, which puts the couple at risk of dying soon. . The solution to reverse that bad luck before marriage is to first marry a tree that will then be broken or burned.

Dirt bath

In Scotland, before the wedding, the bride and groom are tied up and any number of rotten things are thrown at them, such as milk, eggs, and even mud. This is intended to “strengthen the relationship” by bringing out the funny side of a terrible situation as part of wedding curiosities around the world.

Bye bye chicken, another wedding curiosity

In Daur, China, the bride and groom must kill a chick and see that its liver is in good condition, otherwise they must kill more until they find a good one in order to set the wedding date. How to know if a poor chicken has a good liver or not? crazy thing!

Fish feet

No gentlemen! It’s not a mermaid. Instead, there is a Korean tradition in which the feet of the newlywed are smeared with fish in order to give them good luck on their wedding night. Very very charming!

No going to the bathroom

Couples from the Tidong tribe of Borneo are prohibited from going to the bathroom after marriage. Even the family watches over them and they are not allowed more than to drink a little water or tea and all to “guarantee that they will have a life full of children.” Let the torture begin!

Spit on girlfriend

The Maasai ethnic group, located in Kenya and Tanzania, has a tradition that stands out among the many curiosities of weddings, which consists of the fact that the mother should spit on her daughter’s head and chest as a sign of trust and as a form of of blessing. Very traumatic!

Wedding curiosities in the world based on gaining weight

While we do everything possible to keep the best figure for the big day, in Mauritania, it is common for women to do everything possible to gain weight for the wedding day. The sad thing is that it is your obligation. This as a symbol of the portion that the woman occupies in the boyfriend’s heart. This practice is called “leblouth”.

“During this period of “captivity”, the girls must drink liters and liters of camel milk (one of the most caloric), millet with plenty of butter, oily cous cous and lamb meat – the more greasy , better”.

So if the preparations have seemed hard to you, we believe that with this, you will feel in the paradise of true love.


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