Real love

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At ZonaE, we love authentic stories, those that last to be told generation after generation and those of love, a real love story with which to identify, they melt us!

They say out there that many good loves begin with: “me with that, not even crazy”, and this is Carolina’s story, but first let’s go back a bit…

There is not a single true love story where several types of women cannot be identified and for now we will tell you about two. Those in the first group are the eternal girlfriends. They have an impressive ability to overcome difficulties, either because they have a self-esteem directly proportional to that ability or because they love being in a relationship and are even afraid of loneliness.

There are those in group two: That after a relationship of about 4 or 5 years it is extremely difficult for them to see each other again in that romantic place, so they begin to have ephemeral relationships and end up messing with boys with whom they themselves know that nothing will work out. All of this because deep down they may be afraid of commitment and seek the unfeasible or simply because it is hard for them to trust, they love being single and are not willing to stay with anyone simply because they are women who are not looking for a real and lasting love story.

Ok, Carolina belonged to group 2. That of women who accept being single, enjoy it, but they have had a series of bad Cupid moves and for some strange reason they end up on some social network engaging in constant conversations with a boy who knew how to pass the filter of the many that approach women with premises that the maximum they achieve is a blockade or a direct quota to the #friendzone

Cybernetic relationships that survive can become fun, friendly (imaginary cyber friends), until for some millennial reason they end up hooking up.

Carolina, was an intellectual girl who met Fabricio in a group of botanical experts, here she would begin a love story based on real events. That’s how they initially started talking about technical things, interest was born and from one moment to the next they began to share much more than descriptions and identifications of plants… don’t worry! I mean daily anecdotes and confidences.

After two months they reached the difficult part. Feelings began to appear. Carolina thought it was ridiculous to go forward knowing that Fabricio lived in another city and her priority was not to travel to see a boy, let’s see! This was not the time to fight for anyone, especially not for someone she had barely known for two months through a plant chat. But deep down she was a romantic who dreamed of a real love story that would make her happy.


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