Nature, the best ally when decorating my event

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When it comes to decorating events in Zona E, we certainly want to impress our guests in an original and refined way. We know that less is more and those parties with ostentatious and ostentatious decoration became out and in poor taste.

Outdoor event decoration

In response to the need to return to the basics, the decoration proposals include all the components of nature. We managed to balance flowers, plants, wood, various bouquets and the use of air and fire as centers of attraction.

The important thing about decorating events and parties in Zona E lies in a balanced distribution of colors , textures and sizes. For example, if what you want is to include colorful bouquets of wide ranges, you can harmonize with glassware and plates of neutral shapes or include another object with a more earthy color. In many cases, the metallic ones come to give that forcefulness with items such as: chandeliers, centerpieces, wooden blocks, matte ceramics, among others.

And although it may seem incredible to you, even the vegetables have been incorporated in a sophisticated way , cabbage, lettuce and cabbages! They serve efficiently as ornamental proposals. Some species of moss or common leaves such as eucalyptus are all the rage for their colors and textures that offer exuberance, originality and sobriety.

Catering for events

Another important aspect in the decoration of events in Zona E has to do with how appetizers, snacks and tickets are incorporated into creative ideas. It is no longer enough for the gastronomic elements to be delicious, it is important that they look good and integrate into the composition of the environment.

For this reason today we see the use of chocolates with fun shapes as a trend, as well as macaroons, cool colored drinks and authentic add-ons. It is about making the experience genuine from each one of the details that are part of the decoration of events in Zona E.

Water and fire, already mentioned, are attractions that from the sounds and visual bets become ideal allies to capture the attention of attendees. Without anything too extravagant, it will always be nice to consider a fountain, or sophisticated torches that match the wonderful settings with the one in Marrakech.

All the ideas mentioned, will always go well in the ZonaE salons, company of decoration of events as well as their production. We have the pleasant encounter of a peaceful lake, reflecting pools, plants… that make our spaces little pieces of heaven come true.


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