Ideas for the best Bachelorette Party

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A bachelorette party in Medellín can cause a certain energy of mistrust between relatives and even between the couple, but if they are going to be husband and wife, precisely these spaces are the ultimate test to mark a start based on healthy freedom.

For girls

Because we have found the love of our lives and it is with our friends that we share the compendium of our love stories. What if, in a round and with some delicious cocktails at the bachelorette party in Medellín, each one shares answers to the following questions with the bride?

  • How did we meet? What has been an unforgettable moment or trip that we will continue to talk about even as grannies? What is the funniest moment we have experienced together?

You can add a round of good wishes for the bride. The beauty of these spaces is that they will make our future wife friend feel that she will always have her accomplices. In addition, in this new path we will be there to share it whenever you need us to add a little strength, advice and fun.


We just love to have fun with those songs that through the years have become symbols of special moments. It will always be fun to see how one of our friends is terrible at singing and how ridiculous choreographies emerge not to be forgotten in the places to have a bachelorette party in Medellín. Musical complicity!

Whose gift is it?

This game applies to men and women. The bride must guess whose honeymoon gift she uncovers. It is very funny because it is about deciphering according to the personality of each friend whose idea it is. This makes the bachelorette party in Medellín an intimate celebration like the ones that take place in Zona E.

I never

Another emblematic game is ‘I have never’, it is about whoever has the turn must start with the phrase ‘I have never…’ telling that they have never done or would do. The other participants who have done that action or would do it will raise their hands and have to take a drink of tequila or another liquor.

Who is the character?

That everyone has ever played this game. Among the many bachelorette party ideas in Medellín, this is very common and fun. It consists of putting a picture of a famous and handsome person on the forehead. The idea is that when one has a turn, they start trying to get clues until they guess who the character is.

These are just some game ideas; However, a relaxation and spa session with friends, an afternoon tea, booking in Zona E, one of the best places to have a bachelorette party in Medellín, your bachelorette party or a last trip are not bad at all. The important thing is to have one last bachelorette night with our beloved friends!


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