How to choose a show for my business event?

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The in, is to surprise our shows for corporate events that entertain and give our guests an unforgettable experience. The problem is that many times we do not know which one or how to choose it in order not to divert attention from the main objective of our invitation, for example, during country weddings or business events.


Who doesn’t love music? Once you know what your event is about, the profile of the guests, the time…, you will have to choose if you want a type of band to accompany or really put on a show to dance or admire. Many times we leave shows for events saying: what a annoying band!, but the truth is that they are excellent, the organizer simply placed them in a space that did not represent their essence either or made the mistake of making them the focus of the wrong audience.


Currently there are supremely entertaining speakers who will add that extra component to an academic or business training space. In the same way, be very emphatic in the topics to be discussed, providing this speaker with relevant data about his audience. Communicate the objectives and limits within the framework of organizational values.


The recreationists hired in shows for events are experts in charisma, however, it is very important that attendees do not abuse it. Many times they leave their children in their care and it is not their responsibility to babysit or entertain in a personalized way.


Comedians are there to carry effective messages through humor when it comes to shows for corporate events. Their job is not only to give repertoire shows, (which they usually do in theaters), but to make shows tailored to your communication needs. Many times a humorist and comedian is hired, wasting the potential that he has to write specialized scripts for your objectives. Make a prior appointment to talk about values, mission, vision and objectives so that your routine is as suitable as possible for the public.

Other artists

In general, all artists deserve respect, they have studied and worked hard to do what basically you couldn’t. When hiring shows for events, establish a contract and pay attention to the logistics on which they depend. Remember that they themselves could be the one who hires you as an organizer or who ends up getting a bad impression of the organizational culture of the company you work for.


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