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Qué no debes usar durante la celebración de una boda

What should you not wear during a wedding celebration?

Black and white will never be an option for a marriage

Unless it is a guideline from the hosts, using white is taking away the prominence of the bride, so keep it in mind if you do not know what not to wear at a wedding. This type of use is taken as a maximum lack of etiquette. For its part, although black is elegant, if you choose this color, complement it with accessories in bright colors that give it a more fun and celebratory stamp. You well know that black is used for mourning and it is about contributing with our presence good energy for the spouses.

Do not abuse informality

While it is true that younger couples are opting for more informal alternatives, it is better to maintain balance by adding details to your look that give it added value. Fine accessories, a slightly more formal jacket and perfect shoes. Remember that photos do not lie and we do not want to spoil the memories of these social events, so think about it if you have not thought about what not to wear at a wedding.


Nothing like being true to our personality; However, there are things whose use deserves a resounding NO when attending a corporate or social event and in any party room, for example, cleavage”. In subtlety there are always seductive samples of sophistication, elegance, femininity or masculinity. Opt for garments with elegant and genuine silhouettes. No sandals. Unless you are at a beach celebration, a country couple loudly says NO to this type of footwear. The loss of elegance is instant regardless of the level of etiquette from formal to informal, keep this in mind if you don’t know what not to wear at a wedding.

Inappropriate colors and patterns

Neon colors are perfect for a social party; However, when it comes to talking about marriages, we don’t want to steal the focus from the bride, especially not in a negative way. And since we are not playing catch in the halls, it is better that you opt for colors that are in harmony with the tone of the wedding. The excess of prints such as animal print also look tacky in different types of events from business to weddings, try to keep it in mind if you wonder what not to wear at a wedding. It is not about a party or about mafia, hipster or anything like that, so simple will always be better to highlight your beauty. See you in our next ZonaE blog entry, because we make your dreams special in a fun way.