Qué me pongo siendo invitada

What do I wear being invited?

They always ask us what the wedding protocols are like, or they ask us the typical question of how to dress for a wedding? Few are those who know how to attend and comply with the necessary etiquette in a celebration like these.

Today we want to give you some basic tips for dressing at a wedding

1. Don’t upstage the bride

No white girls, or very light colors that can be confused in the dark with the color of the bride’s dress. Also something that many do not know is that dressing in black symbolizes mourning, and it is in very bad taste to receive this new beginning with clothes that represent death. So if you did not know how to dress for a wedding, you should keep in mind that the color black should not go.

2. Long or short

Depending on the time of the wedding, you should choose a dress that goes with the theme. For example, if it is a cocktail-type wedding, opt for knee-length or mid-calf dresses. In this case, you can use more vivid prints and colors, if On the contrary, it is a wedding in the afternoon/evening, you can opt for a long dress with flatter colors.

cómo vestir para una boda

3. Necklines

It’s okay to dress as you want but remember that necklines that are too pronounced are not very advisable for wedding guests: “Exaggerated necklines can be vulgar. That is why they are not recommended for guests at a wedding”, explains the author of 1000 ways to dress, someone who has authority when it comes to knowing how to dress for a wedding.

Also, if you are also invited to the ceremony, generally in the church it is advisable not to show too much.

4. Silicone suspenders and visible underwear

We just have to say that please no!, because this will not only make you look bad but you will steal glances from the guests and not exactly the good ones. Remember to wear undergarments that won’t show through your dress.

5. Say goodbye to sunglasses

At a wedding, it is best not to wear them.

Regardless of these recommendations, always remember that originality and your style should stand out.