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Qué son las Greeny weddings

What are Greeny weddings?

What are Greeny weddings?

Today we want to talk about a new trend that is coming with great force this year and they are green and sustainable weddings.

Greeny weddings are conscious weddings, where nature is the fundamental piece and focal element of each space / moment of the wedding.

Flowers always are and will be irreplaceable but more and more couples come to us with the need not to want to leave a mark on the planet, nor want to use flowers that are not alive, so with our design team, We conceptualized this new trend with planted fruits and flowers that would give the wedding a unique and very special touch.

We love that our boyfriends are increasingly aware of the need for our planet and that they also inspire us with their ideas.

The ceremony was made with live trees, papyrus, palms, ceibas and many more trees, the idea was to represent the life that the relationship would have.

In the centerpieces of the tables we use some trunks with pots planted with: chili peppers, flowers, dwarf papyrus and pansies, as well as putting touches of foliage to resemble a totally natural environment.

Color was one of the elements we loved the most, as the bride wanted to represent the Mexican culture with some embroidered looms.