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La dicha de estar casados

The joy of being married!!

We want the marriage of those who celebrate in ZonaE to be what they lived at their wedding, that is, a life of dreams and full happiness. The truth is that marriage was designed to celebrate love and to achieve dreams and goals as a team within a relationship of respect, love and deep trust. So we have a list of quick tips on how to maintain a happy and lasting marriage.

Patience: With you, with the other and with both as a couple. They will not always be on top, not every moment will be the best. They need serenity. No marriage is perfect.

Communication: there is no reason to keep secrets with your partner. Seek assertive communication when expressing your love. How does the other receive your messages? Is he receiving them? We highly recommend a book that will help you a lot to know how to maintain a happy and lasting marriage. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Conquest: This stage should never end. Every day you must win each other’s love.

Give in: It is not bad to give in some things so that the other is a little happier. When both give in, interesting agreements are reached where the mutual interest is the well-being of the other. If you watch over me and I watch over you, what bad can happen?

cómo mantener un matrimonio feliz y duradero
cómo mantener un matrimonio feliz y duradero

Sex: Let the flame, passion, creativity, innovation and risk not die. May time motivate and not inactivate, this advice is essential to keep in mind if you want to know how to maintain a happy and lasting marriage.

Honest: It is always okay to tell the truth and it is It is very good to know how to say it too.

Our Dreams: You commit to my dreams and I to yours, in this way we support each other and we will achieve it together.

Conscious decision: Love cannot be classified as an emotion, if it were, it would be very easy to give up when things get a little difficult. We make the decision to love each day and that decision is what keeps us together through many trials.

Negotiable and non-negotiable: Before committing to marriage it is important to talk with your partner, about what you are willing to negotiate and what you are not, this is key if you want to know how to maintain a happy and lasting marriage. Example: I don’t want to have children and it’s a no for life or I don’t want children but I could consider having them if my partner really wants it.

Respect: I care and honor the physical, emotional and spiritual integrity of my partner and I look after their well-being at all times.

These are some very basic tips where we could deepen lots, but for now we hope you enjoy your marriage and believe in it as an opportunity to form the best team of your life. Knowing how to maintain a happy and lasting marriage is only the first step, the most important thing is to apply the advice.