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Las mejores canciones para tu fiesta de bodas

The best songs for your wedding party

We know that you want to take care that every detail is simply spectacular on this day. We leave you a top 10 wedding songs to dance or listen to during the celebration of your marriage.

Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

Who did not see Ghost? The movie that made us cry with a story in which love transcends even death. Simply romantic and like a fairy tale!

A thousand years – Christina Perri

From the movie Twilight, one of the best wedding songs. A musicalization that reminds us of the union within what seemed impossible in the eyes of the world.

Come away with me – Norah Jones

A new path, an adventure full of surprises typical of everyday life. This is a smooth and elegant proposal typical of the music of Jones. Infallible for an emotional moment.

Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran

This is still top within the wedding songs. It tells us how a great love projects an unbreakable bond through the human condition and its different stages until old age.

Because you love me – Celine Dion

Yes, yes, a classic, but precisely for this reason it bears that name. Generation after generation has touched the hearts of lovers in wedding songs played at parties

All of me – Jhon Legend

From perfection to defects make up love and the foundations for a long-lasting relationship, also this melody played in wedding songs addresses the immensity of total delivery.

Im yours – Jazon Mraz

This is a fresh and youthful choice. It’s not like for a dance, but for some special moment to listen as part of the wedding song playlist. If love is everywhere, what better than having the best of all, that of the person we love?