Leave your event in the hands of a EXPERT


A must-have for your wedding

Maintaining the ambiance of your party is not something to be taken lightly, as this will ensure how much fun you and your guests will have. In ZonaE we have the best experts for your wedding, we have a wide variety of producers, where with them you will know how to take your wedding to the next level; lighting, amplification, microphones and everything you need for the different moments.

Take into account the different moments in your wedding, i.e. what kind of sound do you dream of in your ceremony, do you want instruments in the cocktail area, do you want ambient music at the entrance of the hall, how about a giant dance floor with screens and remember your party as the best party you’ve ever been to? All these questions are necessary when considering this service.

Remember that we have different plans for every need, ask us and make your wedding the best memory.

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