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We all know that a good party starts with a good meal, that’s why in ZonaE we have different Catering options.

The choice of your wedding caterer should be one of the most important decisions in your wedding, because if the guests feel satisfied it is much easier for them to leave with a good impression of your big celebration.

Most of the moments of your wedding will be accompanied by this great service, such as the toast drinks, the appetizers or canapés, the main course and the dessert table.

Tips for choosing the right menu.

Don’t be afraid to tell the chef that you don’t like or are not happy with the menu, all our allies are willing to make your wedding what you dream of and you are the ones who have to be satisfied.

If your wedding has a theme tell it to our Chefs, you will be surprised of the proposals they have and maybe it will be more similar to what you have in mind.

If you have vegetarian guests, let our chefs know how many vegetarian dishes you require and which table they will be at.

Let yourself be carried away by your impulses, do you want the decoration to play with the plating? or do you imagine that on each plate you welcome your guests with a macaroon? With ZonaE everything is possible.

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