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Razones para hacer una boda intima The Tiny Weding

Reasons to have an intimate wedding “The Tiny Wedding“

We know that organizing a wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a couple, reason enough to have an exclusive wedding.
Weddings currently have an average of 150 guests, including family and friends, not necessarily the closest ones . For this reason, sometimes the bride and groom decide on weddings with few guests, but very close.

What is an intimate wedding?

An intimate wedding has a maximum of 70 guests, it has the traditional moments of the celebration, but on a smaller scale, where the guests will enjoy a personalized experience and a warmer moment.

bodas con pocos invitados

ZonaE tells you about the advantages of having an intimate wedding.
Next, we list a series of tips on planning weddings with few guests or intimate weddings, to make it a magical and memorable moment.
But what about an intimate wedding with the people closest to you?
Jokes about eloping and getting married in a remote place are more common than is actually believed, but these impulses are held back by the fear of challenge tradition. But in reality there is an option, to have an intimate wedding, a “Tiny Wedding”.

Don’t sacrifice the opportunity to celebrate:

This advice is especially for the bride and groom who have a destination wedding in their plans (wedding in a city other than the one in which the bride and groom live), since with weddings with few guests they have the opportunity to get married and celebrate in a place where they could not have had a wedding of the traditional size.

Let your imagination fly:

When the wedding has fewer guests, the bride and groom can perfectly meet their expectations, creating a unique experience at the celebration.

The first thing is to choose the perfect place:

When the couple are going to choose the place for their wedding, they have to take into account the capacity and the budget they have, that is why ZonaE is the perfect place for intimate weddings or weddings with few guests, since it adapted the costs and the locations to the needs of the couple who are interested in this type of celebration.

Get the advice of a professional:

At ZonaE we advise and accompany the couple in all the protocol and logistics necessary for an intimate wedding, we call it “The Tiny Wedding”, where you will find the perfect location and decoration, catering, music and photography service.

Make your wedding a meaningful celebration:

Fill this day with details that, even if they are small, can become very significant, such as wearing your grandmother’s brooch, integrating your pet as a guest of honor, sharing words of love, writing notes for each guest and putting them in their seats, among a thousand other ideas that will give a personal value to the day and create an unforgettable experience for those people with whom you have a closeness and a deeper bond.