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Why invest in Zone E?

Most major cities are facing increasing overcrowding, confined spaces, mobility restrictions, and fewer outdoor options. A strongly accentuated trend with COVID-19. Medellín and its suburbs, with 5 million inhabitants -of which more than 600K are upper and upper middle class population- have a pressing need to find outdoor urban alternatives where ARCHITECTURE + ART + CULTURE + NATURE + MUSIC + SPORTS + GASTRONOMY This new concept of “organic city” was created to be replicated in other cities around the world, as an oasis to escape from the hectic life of metropolitan areas.

Our spaces are ideal for investment, whether for the manufacture of warehouses, offices and commercial premises.

In Zone E we have a total Area of 36,000 Mts 2 and Lots available from 858 Mts2, 3,397 Mts2 and 20,000 Mts2
In addition, in the main building we have Offices for your company.

Why invest in Zone E?

The best of the sector

Our lots are located in a strategic area.

  • A few minutes from Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport.
  • Minutes from the free zone of Rionegro.
  • 7 minutes from the Medellín Bogotá highway.
  • Near the eastern tunnel.

Zona E inmobiliaria
Zona E inmobiliaria

The benefits of Zone E

  • Epm energy.
  • Gated unit with goal.
  • Drinking water.
  • Own fire network.
  • Fiber optic for internet.
  • Wide roads 12 meters wide.
  • Building permits already granted, covering 60% of usable land vs. 30% in surrounding areas.
  • Resources channeled through a strong Trust Fund.
  • Strong existing brand value, internationally recognized.
  • Fully finished landscaping.
  • Saving time and money: Project ready to develop.

Who is behind the real estate project?

Álvaro Arango is a serial entrepreneur who has created four successful brands. Three of them were designer clothes.
The most important brand was Onda de Mar, an international swimwear brand sold in 32 countries.
After selling Onda de Mar to an investment fund, Alvaro bought the land, creating the Zona E brand.
Zone E means Strategic Location because the land is located in the heart of the city of Rionegro.
The Zona E brand is a luxury lifestyle and entertainment brand that focuses on real estate, weddings and events.
The vision of the Zona E brand is to create unique spaces that complement settings around the world where everything you dream of can happen when you leave the world and enter a corner of paradise where the senses are surprised and the imagination takes shape.

Who are already part of our real estate project