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Guía práctica de amor

Practical guide to love

Normally what is said to a couple who is going to get married are magic words. But today we will talk about slightly more realistic topics through the love guide for couples that you were looking for.

The world is indeed one of dreams, of princes and princesses, of course, but it is necessary that to create that life you have your feet on the ground. We are surrounded by beautiful beings who accompany us every day and if you chose to be with a specific one, you need to understand that the road is long. Everything will not always be perfect, love is like a plant, it needs to be fed; Not all plants are the same, and their care is clearly less so. Here I will only tell you a few tips that are part of the most realistic guide to love for couples that you can find and that will help you make the road lighter and more exciting.

The first and most important thing is to be clear that your happiness does not depend on anyone, but we must keep in mind that if you share it, it multiplies. The basis of every relationship is self-love, the more you love yourself, the more you will reflect it towards your partner. This way they will easily find a balance, where you can enjoy your freedom accompanied by the other person you love so much.

Second and not least, love is a choice. Therefore, you have the power to choose, dialogue and make common agreements with your partner so that they understand each other and get along much better. The key is to be clear about where they want to go and hand in hand with who you always want to be. It must be taken into account that the love guide for couples seeks to achieve a connection that is not based on dependency.

Third, there is a term that I came across in the walk of life and it is “BALANCE”. Sometimes when we live together we believe that everything is going to be perfect, and the reality is that each person is a different world. What may be normal for me may be chaos for the other, but it is necessary to put on the scale that it weighs more. Love weighs more than with communication and commitment everything heals, or what makes us momentarily uncomfortable.

For now I will give you these three pieces of advice, which are for me the first three pillars, which ones do you think are missing?

la guía del amor para parejas