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Día de la madre en ZonaE

Mother’s Day has arrived in ZonaE!

For corporate events or social events, at ZonaE we are happy to receive you this month to celebrate the existence of those beings who raised us up with love and firmness. We want to share with you some ideas that will energize the celebration of Mother’s Day.

For business events

  • A good idea is to invite an artist or speaker to share experiences that nourish the soul of our guests in the celebration of Mother’s Day. From stories that humorously reveal the way typical mothers behave, to reflections on a life of work and empowerment.

  • A bad idea is to hold raffles or contests in which prizes are household items please! The importance of women does not lie in having the latest utensils to care for others, why not an afternoon at the spa to make them feel pampered?

  • Show them something useful and fun, for Example: It is very positive to take a makeup expert to teach you how to be ready for every occasion. Not only will they be learning to optimize time before going to work or attending to their daily tasks, but they will be able to laugh for a while at their bad mixes while they learn to bring out their most beautiful side.

  • Define what it will be the main surprise. It could be a musical group that reminds them of their times of “charming conquest” of dealing with a more mature audience. The important thing is that you know what kind of moms they are for your corporate event in that mother’s day celebration.

  • Why not fun games? Karaokes, dynamics, everything is valid! It is a day when we want to see them laugh. Do not underestimate their encouragement, to be a mother you have to be an adventurer. Our event rooms are at your disposal to celebrate Mother’s Day in Colombia!

for family parties

  • Between catering and events, we cannot forget the touch of originality, so how about a theme party? It will be amazing to see the members of the house dress up and be a little silly for a good cause – make mom laugh!

  • Projecting images of the best moments always warms the soul, plus will it be funny? see photos of when the fashions of the 90s did not favor us? Infallible!

  • It is the day to make our mothers feel proud of what they have achieved. A magnificent idea in the celebration of Mother’s Day is for each member of the family to dedicate a few words to her, telling, for example, a funny anecdote in which mother has been the center, what makes us feel so proud of her and everything that symbolically make her feel loved.