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Significado de los aniversarios de bodas

Meaning of wedding anniversaries

There are no reasons to stop celebrating another year of union and love between two people, this celebration is linked to a significant wedding anniversary and will give a new air to the relationship. It is the perfect opportunity to get out of the routine and treat yourself as a couple and what better option for this celebration than a romantic dinner in ZonaE.

A very important part, after choosing the wedding dress and suit for the groom, the wedding bands, the church and the decoration of the place; It is knowing what each anniversary year means that you meet with the love of your life, for this reason we explain its meaning here.

Year 1 of marriage – PAPER WEDDINGS

The first anniversary is one of the most special, surely they will never forget this moment, because it is linked to a very important wedding anniversary meaning. It is called a paper wedding since it alludes to a relationship that is being built, where they are getting used to living together. Wedding details, such as the groomsmen’s speech, will be constantly remembered. At this point, tolerance will be tested as a couple.

An ideal gift for this first anniversary can be an experience or a detail that reminds them of their vows of love.

Significado de los aniversarios de bodas

Year 2 of marriage – COTTON WEDDING

Now yes… on the second anniversary the relationship is becoming more consolidated, responsibilities, tasks and obligations are clearly established between the two, coexistence flows much more naturally. The meaning of the wedding anniversary this year is based on perseverance and learning.

The ideal gift is cotton clothing or something symbolic that is made with this material.

Year 3 of marriage – LEATHER WEDDING

CONGRATULATIONS this is the third anniversary, leather weddings refer to a resistant, flexible and strong relationship, this means that they are at the point where difficulties are overcome more easily and with a lot of commitment.

The perfect gift is leather straps, shoes, wallets or purses.

Year 4 of marriage – SILK / LINEN WEDDING

At this point, many situations have already been overcome and the relationship is very fluid, which is why many couples begin to think about expanding the family.

Among the gifts for this celebration are pajamas, handkerchiefs, among other items that refer to silk because it is the meaning of the wedding anniversary that corresponds to this year.

Year 5 of marriage – WOODEN WEDDINGS

Relationships are like trees, they grow and need a solid foundation to continue. In the relationship it shows resistance over time.

The perfect gift can be a picture frame, a professional cutting board, a special wine packed in a wooden box.

Prepare a special night, they deserve it.

Year 6 of marriage – IRON WEDDING

Iron is a transition material, that is, it can go from one state to another, this represents relationship situations that they could overcome and resolve. Nothing can affect them as much as in the beginning, for a reason they have reached where they are.

Give a gift related to this material, it can be a jug for tea or a candle holder.

Married Year 7 – LANA WEDDING

This anniversary represents the warmth of the relationship they have built so far, 7 years of great affection, where the temperature of love is maintained, just as wool maintains body temperature.

The perfect gift is a getaway to some cold-weather destination, where the meaning of this year’s wedding anniversary makes much more sense.

Year 8 of marriage – BRONZE WEDDING

Bronze weddings refer to the strength of the relationship, to withstand adversity, like bronze, although it can oxidize, its interior will not be perforated, making it stronger each time.

The perfect gift can be inspired by your wedding ring or think of a key chain with a phrase of love and the date of the wedding or a representative sculpture.

Year 9 of marriage – CLAY / CLAY WEDDINGS

Relationships are built over time and are transformed into something beautiful, they are working so that their marriage is built and consolidated.

What better gift than a clay course or some craft where they enjoy a fun moment.

Year 10 of marriage – ALUMINUM WEDDING

Aluminum refers to a durable, flexible, light and shiny relationship. Why not surprise your partner with an original vintage bottle or a drink with an aluminum container, like a collector’s beer to make the meaning of this year’s wedding anniversary stand out.