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El amor en el matrimonio

Love in marriage

There are many questions that come up regarding the dynamics of marriage, if love changes in marriage, how it is transformed or how to start living as a couple.

When we decide to take the step of getting married, some responsibilities also come, where giving selflessly becomes a way of loving, where we are with each other, where we share our lives and decide every day to feed love in marriage with patience.

What if the dynamics change?

Of course it changes! You now have the joy of sharing your life with someone who apparently loves you enough to decide to be with you for the rest of your life, now you have someone to sleep with, have dinner with, you have won a treasure and it is It is great to know how to care for and value this beautiful gift that life gives you.

El amor en el matrimonio
El amor en el matrimonio

We recommend that you make agreements

Although it is true that they have been together for a long time, it is time to put on their pants and sit down to talk about whether it is negotiable, what it is not and how the dynamics of the house will be to maintain love in the marriage.

If you cook, I wash? Do we make the bed together? Or better, he one day and you the other? Do we do the cleaning together? Who pays what and what are the functions of each one in the home.

When we have agreements from the beginning it is much more bearable coexistence because we will have something to start from to agree to negotiate and talk. In addition, with clear agreements we can avoid discussions that keep us from enjoying love.

The monotony what?

We are routine beings, because this is what gives us stability, however with the passing of time it is necessary that as a couple they rediscover themselves, do not give themselves the opportunity to take what they have for granted, it is necessary to cultivate wonder, so you can discover not only the nuances of your own life but also the oddities, peculiarities and the greatness of the being that lives in that person you decided to choose.

Make plans that you did as a boyfriend, Go to the movies, to see a movie , to a restaurant, build new memories and always nurture love with respect and details, this will allow the permanence of what you are building together.

Many tips, however for now we give you these two, because they are the that we believe most important.

Remember that love in marriage is the magic that moves the universe, that feeds the being and the soul, nourishes that which gives life.