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fecha de tu boda y mueres de nervios

Is your wedding date approaching and you’re dying of nerves?

When we have already lived with our future or future wife it is much easier to understand what is coming our way; however, it is normal to feel some anxiety when the wedding dates approach.

At ZonaE we share some thoughts with you so that you can enjoy this new adventure, saying goodbye to fears. We love weddings!

  1. Remember that every new chapter brings an adaptation stage, but they’ve already done excellent! Life has given you the greatest gift, which is waking up with the person you love. Enjoy it and make it your greatest treasure every day!

  2. Of course he is the one! It’s just that our insecurities around wedding dates give us the impulse to want to deny ourselves happiness, but both deserve it. Think of all those things you have in common that make you feel like your soul mate; Then think about what you can’t stand, it’s not bad! That’s where true love lies. Nobody can love the perfect, because in the perfect there is no learning to transcend and if that person makes you great, excellent!

  3. Your fear is failing? Don’t you know how to cook? wash a plate? are you messy? Calm! If you are about to get married, it is because your partner knows those little flaws. Work on them for yourself first, because love starts when I look for a better version of me. That way I can share my sacrifices and learnings honestly.

  4. Are you afraid that he will get tired of the monotony? Well, work on it! Every adventure deserves fun and goes through different moments. Or did you forget the times when they both made fun of their nonsense? Did you forget the moments when everything went wrong and after drying their tears a laugh arose or they simply ended up asleep? Life itself is not monotonous. Fill it from time to time with surprises; never stop smiling and being that person who fell in love with no matter how difficult everything gets, after all they are friends, first and foremost!

  5. And if it’s too soon? Repetitive question when the wedding dates are near. Our world teaches us to measure ourselves in time: if you marry someone older, younger, who earns less or more, how long did they last as boyfriends, whether a lot or a little. Only you know the measure of what you want and the truth is that to love the wait better be short. There is no formula to know what is fair, the truth is that you deserve to be happy, others are in the same search and it is not worth losing even a thousandth trying to make others happy because of their judgments. It may be better to say “too soon” and learn, than to say “too late” and not know what would have happened.

  6. Are you afraid of letting someone else down? The best work is as a team and no one outside has the right to comment on the decisions they make on this new path. If you make mistakes, it will be part of your own story, so if you plan to have children, what better than being able to teach from what you have learned?