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Me caso- Cómo decoro mi casa

I get married! How do I decorate my house!

Starting from the point that it is almost obvious that they know each other like the back of their hand. The truth is that when it comes to decorating modern houses and allocating the place to buy gifts for your guests, there must be a coherence of styles.

If yours is bohemian or country, no It would make no sense to use a site with proposals that are too avant-garde.

It is therefore important that they take the time to explore places and define in detail the options that their guests will have to give them gifts. And thus achieve the decoration of modern houses that they want so much, in addition, having that space will allow them to enjoy the entire process that a marriage implies.

Also, in ZonaE, we give you some tips to keep in mind.

Do not fill your home with useless things:

Objects such as picture frames, shelves, pots, among others, can be charming to us; however, they are things that they will acquire over time when their house really has an essence. Less is more and having to shake less will give them time for what’s important.

Define intimate spaces:

Even if it is a couple that loves to do everything together, it will always be vital that each one preserves their space. This can be from an office, room or special corner. In that sense, it is good to let everyone adapt their environment to her world, a very useful decision when looking for the interior decoration of modern houses seen in magazines.

Be aware of their lifestyle:

If you love plants, but don’t have enough time to care for them, it’s best to save yourself a headache. Opt for artificial plants or objects with floral designs. Be practical.

Know your spaces well:

It seems that this item will need only a little common sense to solve it, but it happens that many times we can get carried away by the emotion of moving without thinking about the real dimensions of our spaces.

Understand what you want for each area and taking measures will prevent you from making bad decisions for the choice within the list of gifts and of course cluttering your house with things that together lose practicality and good taste, attacking the decoration of modern and elegant houses that they deserve.

Tips ZonaE, a little piece of heaven that shares your dreams.