Cómo preparar la piel para el día de tu boda

How to prepare the skin for your wedding day?

If you are close to the day of your marriage, remember to prepare the skin for the wedding. It is important to maintain skin care 15 days before, remove make-up, wash your face, moisturize and a good eye cream will be your best ally for your skin.

Before your wedding day

   1. Lots of water and a good diet

Superfoods that provide good vitamins will be your best allies to prepare the skin for the wedding. Spirulina and chia are essential at this time, as they provide vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, water is essential for skin hydration, it provides volume and is capable of filling in fine wrinkles.

   2. pamper yourself more than usual

Facial yoga yes and yes, moisturizers and rejuvenating creams, this will bring freshness and illumination to your face.

   3. Lips

Exfoliating them beforehand is a very good option to prepare the skin for the wedding, at least 15 days before, and then moisturizing them and applying a sunscreen lip is perfect so that you can enjoy beautiful lips that day.

   4. Do not use expired cosmetics

Did you know that makeup has an expiration date? Makeup is valid for 12 to 36 months after opening, so we recommend that you choose to look at these dates a month before the wedding so that you do not spoil your skin with expired makeup.

The day of your wedding

Once you have done everything to prepare the skin for the wedding, the big day arrives. Wash your face with your usual facial soap, apply a facial toner, then a serum that nourishes your skin, if possible use a mattifying cream, this will help to close the pores and make the makeup adhere better to your skin, also use a primer and finally the makeup, don’t forget a fixative to last all night.

Remember that what matters is always what is inside, what comes from the heart, makeup and skin only manifest that fullness that you carry inside.