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Cómo escoger el vestido con bebe a bordo

How to choose the dress with baby on board?

vestidos de novia para embarazada

Planning a wedding, choosing the decoration and also choosing wedding dresses for pregnant women is something intense for all brides. Now imagine doing it while expecting a beautiful baby and when hormones can add to emotional roller coasters.

One of the concerns when getting married while pregnant is whether or not to break the news to your guests.

We are already in an age where being pregnant is not such scandalous news, even pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a woman, however we understand the tons of questions and the feeling of prejudice that can occur before such news.

The question that should matter most to you is, will I feel comfortable showing my baby off to my family and friends that day? If the answer was no, we recommend that you opt for maternity wedding dresses with a wide and loose silhouette.

However, here we will give you some basic tips to look beautiful.

  • Comfort is a priority, so convey it and you will feel much better on your wedding day.
  • We recommend that you do not wear very heavy wedding dresses for pregnant women or very striking accessories. Subtlety it’s key right now.
  • When choosing the fabric, make sure it’s tulle, silk, chiffon or crepe as they are lightweight fabrics that give you room to grow and don’t squeeze you or your little one.

If for you, on the contrary, it is a yes, and you want and feel comfortable sharing your happiness with family and friends. So literally any dress is yours

  • We recommend that you make sure of the sizes and proportions of the dress you are considering and consult with the bridal shop to ask if they fit your needs .
  • There are elastic fabrics that will adapt to the figure perfectly, ask for them when you are trying on wedding dresses for pregnant women and remember to try on the dress a week before the wedding to make sure that it still fits you. stay.
  • The last but not least important thing is to choose the right wedding shoes. Many mothers-to-be suffer from swollen feet. So, when shopping for your heels, make comfort a priority and look for something supportive and mid-height.

The most important thing when it comes to getting married is your happiness and comfort Celebrating with those you love and involving that being that was born from your love is a beautiful way to thank life for this very special moment.