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Cómo saber cuál es el espacio correcto para mi evento

How do I know which is the right space for my event?

As the organizer of a personal or business event, it can be difficult for us to choose the ideal space for the celebration and in ZonaE, it can be complicated because ours are authentic and dreamlike. Here are some tips for you to choose the best venues for business and social events.

Set the number of guests. We have options for small and large format country events, so come visit us and if you can’t, we’ll tell you more!

  • You can visit each space: Casa Bali, El Establo or The Green House. In this tour you can find out if you have ideas about the theme of the celebration, accommodation, decoration, etc.

  • Casa Bali, as its name says, is inspired by these paradisiacal islands, for this , our design team, decorated this space with water fountains and mirrors that connect with our lake. Casa Bali is a perfect place for large parties and celebrations. It has an approximate capacity of 280 people in an area of 20 x 27 square meters, without a doubt it is one of the best places for business and social events that we have.

  • El Establo for its part It has an approximate capacity of 250 people. The specialty of this beautiful space has to do with a farm proposal, but in which you can play with a more dynamic setting. Many choose to go horseback riding, a complementary part of the experience based on the American farms that saw the birth of country.

  • The Green House, is part of our places for business and social events , is a place for lovers of innovation and sustainability. We took a container and transformed it into the heart of a meetinghouse with a capacity of approximately 80 people. This space offers privacy and seclusion without ever losing our hallmark in which good architecture and nature remain in harmony.

  • Remember that in ZonaE, we have incredible venues for business events in Medellín. Our different scenarios have space for up to 500 vehicles and a human resource willing to attend and insure you.