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Casarse -Cómo saber si somos una pareja consciente

Getting married How do we know if we are a conscious couple?

The reason why people decide to get married is equivalent to the loneliness that they are not willing to assume, say those who know that there is no greater love than two people who have decided to be alone for a while and who choose each other for the simple fact of sharing, but not out of a need to fill a void. These unions are generally the result of the best marriages for forming a conscious relationship, since these human beings have assumed themselves as independent people, who know that their happiness resides in themselves and do not unite from lack but rather from the absolute certainty of simply wanting to share from consciousness.

How do you know if you have a conscious relationship?

  • You know how to please yourself, because you know exactly what you need to be fully, you know how to set limits, you understand exactly that the other comes to give you more happiness than you ALREADY HAVE, but not to give you the happiness that you lack.
  • You love unconditionally, you know how to give without expecting anything in return, because you give according to what your heart feels and not to the response of the other.
  • Together they add up They have mature conversations and both put their limits and situations on the table. They are aware that love must be nurtured and that making agreements is necessary to know how to cope with the relationship.
  • Awkward conversations become in complete sincerity because they both know that they are necessary to have clear matters, who pays what? We will have children? if so, will they have beliefs? Before getting married you should know what you are willing to give, give up or negotiate in your relationship. This way you minimize problems or discussions around this issue, and future issues or a divorce will be avoided.

Remember that life is a long road and it is much better to walk it hand in hand with someone than you love.