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Don’t be blown away – five basic tips to start planning the wedding of your dreams!

Did you ever imagine that behind the scenes there was so much detail and work to materialize the day you have waited for so long. You have to know how to plan a wedding to have logistics under control, outfits, choose who can and who cannot be invited to your wedding, accessories, food, entertainment, decoration, location, drinks, dj, live music, photography, etc. . Any detail can be important to you… now coordinate all that. It wears you to the brain! In zone E we want to be your accomplices from the beginning to the end of your wedding and give you some tips that will help you plan the wedding of your dreams and not die trying. So where do we start?

There is no universal mandate that says how to make the ideal wedding. In fact, every day hundreds of protocols are broken on how to plan a wedding. And this allows weddings every day to adapt more to the personality of those who unite their lives.

We believe that there are some bases that will help you organize your mind and that saying yes for your whole life is an enjoyable and not stressful step.

1. NEGOTIABLE AND NON-NEGOTIABLE. Talk to your partner about what they want.

Before anything, it is important that you sit down as a couple to talk about what you want, about what you have always dreamed of, what you cannot miss and those details that are important to each of you. If you don’t know how to plan a wedding, these questions are important: Who should be there? What is the ideal climate? What is the style of my dream wedding?… And above all, understand that although it is a process in which that some friction may arise due to disagreement between the couple -which is totally normal- The most important thing is that both enjoy the process to the fullest, that they build it together and give in to each other’s dreams.

cómo planear una boda
cómo planear una boda


How much are we willing to invest in our big day? What is most important to us?
These questions are very important when making location and supplier decisions. They also help you define what percentage of your budget you are going to allocate to each of the suppliers. If the main thing for you is to keep the memory of that day, then you know that a large percentage of your budget should be allocated to photography and video. Having a clear budget will save you headaches later. It is not worth it that your wedding translates into stress when it comes to disbursing your money.


We have thousands of tools like Pinterest, so you can get inspired and know how to plan a wedding. It is normal that you have no idea what to do or what you want –We don’t get married every day!- But landing your ideas will help you make decisions. Have a mood board or an inspiration board where you collect the colors you like, the flowers that cannot be missing, the music that has to be played, etc. When you get into expert hands they will read your mood board and they will know what to do and how to materialize the board of your dreams.

4. A DREAM PLACE – Choose location

The location will give you the starting point for many things and will determine what you can and cannot do on your wedding day, this is very important and even more so if you don’t know how to plan a wedding in 3 months. Find that your mood board fits in this place, that you have the necessary comforts and services for that day. Spectacular living rooms, spacious and industrial kitchens, rooms for the bride and groom, bathrooms, parking lots and dream places that help you capture the best moments. Make the necessary visits that you must make. The choice of place is one of the points that generates more indecision in the couple, but once you make your choice you will realize how everything will begin to flow.


Choosing a wedding planner is like choosing that best friend who will accompany you during the process and who will ensure that your dream comes true, since this person does have knowledge and experience of how to plan a wedding. Make sure that there is empathy in the personalities, that it is a person who loves her work, that she is certified and that she has patience, love and dedication. During the process, get close to her, trust her work and the choice you have made. Look at references of her work and that it is consistent with the wedding style you are looking for.

In Zona E, we dream and love the fact that we see ourselves as your accomplice in celebrating one of the best days of your life We have an excellent professional team, Wedding planner, design, food, location, music, entertainment and logistics team that will be in charge of making your dreams come true. We are waiting for you to be part of your love story.