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Ceremonia en el mismo lugar de la fiesta

Ceremony in the same place as the party?

Of course!!! Doing the ceremony in the same place as the party is the best way for your guests not to move or get confused when it comes to getting to the place of the reception.

In a wedding there are different moments; the ceremony, the toast, the first dance, the dinner and the party. Imagine having everything in one place for each of the moments.

We know that sometimes it is not easy to get your 200 guests to move from one place to another, so we recommend that, if you have your ceremony in the church, it should be as close as possible to the location. This way you will avoid inconveniences that may arise on the way to the reception.

We believe that the best and most important thing when it comes to a wedding apart from love is that the location has all the spaces for those special moments. This is why in ZonaE our locations have a perfect space for ceremonies. All with a view of the lake so that you have some magnificent photos and keep some beautiful memories.

In ZonaE we have four locations, each one with a unique aesthetic that allows the ceremony to take place in the same place as the party.

Bali is elegant and charming, with a space for the ceremony on the palmas altas beach, overlooking the lake. The best thing is that we have the possibility that the bride arrives by raft.

ceremonia en el mismo lugar de la fiesta

El Establo is our rustic and natural location, the protagonists are the trees that surround the location. In this you have two options to do the ceremony in the same place of the party, in front of the lake or in a path of trees perfect for the distribution of the ceremony.

Green House is a welcoming green space perfect for smaller weddings. This one has a view of the lake and the place of the ceremony is on a wooden deck. This is a perfect setting to set up the arch with a path to the location.

Marrakech is boho and traveler, an original and illuminated space, the ceremony space is on the light wood deck with desert vegetation on the sides and a view of the lake in front. It is undoubtedly a perfect combination for incredible photos.

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