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Why designing the wedding of your dreams with the ZonaE team is the best option?

Every day there are thousands of brides who get married in the world, because this is the beginning of a life as a couple, and the truth is, why not do it? You only live once and clearly this will only be celebrated once in life, so you have to make it spectacular! and for this, it is best to leave the wedding decoration in Zona E Medellín in the hands of experts.

We know that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to do everything alone, and even more so considering that in ZonaE there is a team specialized design so why do without them?

Our wedding decoration service in Zona E Medellín is quite an experience. Together we will learn about textures, we will teach you types of flowers, shapes and we will choose the color palette that best suits your personality.

It is necessary to define several points so that the decoration is ideal. Take into account all the details, each Bride is a different world, and there are those who want a lot and those who are more of simple elements. We all have a choice.

References are very important, as they determine the aesthetic you want to use at your wedding. Even if it is a simple wedding decoration, take into account each of the spaces, this will help you to make each place of your wedding look harmonious and with the same concept.

  • The ceremony
  • The welcome cocktail
  • Dessert table
  • Canapés table
  • Table for the newlyweds
  • The tables of the guests
More, it’s more, and every detail is important in the decoration of weddings in Zona E Medellín, make sure you have the best, because it is a moment that you will only live once in your life.

We have an excellent team of professionals, every day innovating and creating for you.

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