Una boda perfecta cuida de sus detalles

A perfect wedding takes care of its details

At ZonaE we want to give you all the tips so that your wedding is more than perfect and
so that your guests are surprised with your special day when they see the list of details for a wedding that you followed

The invitation

The first impression of your wedding begins from the invitation, adding aesthetic details that define you as a couple is a very good option for your guests to get an idea of what this moment will be like. Remember to put all the information that is; Date, time, place, dress code and if you have a ceremony in another place.


Do not forget to decorate each space, remember that the location, no matter how beautiful it is, needs to be decorated with elements that support the concept of the wedding. Among the elements of a list of details for a wedding are the welcome tables, decoration for the find your table, the ceremony, the bathrooms, decoration in the cocktail area and others will help the space look much better.


Remember that the guests do not know the place, which is why there are essential elements at the time of the reception, such as finding your table before entering the room and guide numbers on the tables so that your guests know very well where to sit.


All weddings have several moments, so each one of them must be accompanied by canapés, dishes, desserts and different foods that do not leave the guests hungry. Usually before entering the room there are two tables, one with drinks and the other with canapés or small bites to receive your guests. These elements of your list of details for a wedding cannot be missing.
Then comes the Menu for your wedding, in this we recommend you take into account the tastes of your guests and if any of them are vegetarian.
Dessert table this table, apart from being a leading table at your wedding, should have desserts in reserve, that is, buy a few more so that it does not look empty at any time.
Personalized gifts for your guests.
This is a detail of fine coquetry, although it is not as usual as we would like, Giving a souvenir is a very good way to immortalize your wedding and also if it is functional and beautiful you will make sure that your guests use it.