Christmas in ZonaE

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Without excuses, Christmas events are the perfect opportunity to reunite with our loved ones or to pamper our work teams with an unforgettable and authentic experience in the best ZonaE style.

Christmas events for companies

If you are planning where to hold the best business event at the end of the year, you are on the right page since our spaces are designed for holding luxury events, in the middle of nature and with the versatility of locations such as Casa Bali. , The Stable or The Green House.

Where is the spirit of Christmas celebrated?

Casa Bali, it’s just inspiring! For those large-format Christmas events, it is simply special: connecting the main hall with a spectacular view of the lake and the artificial reflecting pools. This is an ideal place for receptions that adapt to any corporate need, with an approximate capacity of 280 people in an area of 20 x 27 square meters.

Each event that takes place here will be like a “small vacation” gift for your colleagues or family, since the space is as exclusive and paradisiacal as the Bali islands.

In El Establo you find a more rustic but no less surprising alternative, because in ZonaE we like details to perfection for a result that matches our hosts at Christmas events.

This space is tailored to your plans and has an approximate capacity of 250 people. Whether it is the realization of a refined or less formal event, nature and the exquisite architectural shapes that we have arranged will make your guests fall in love.

The Green House, is our great innovation of 2017. For its part, it is made for those more intimate events. Its design, which takes a container as its axis, starts from there to develop an avant-garde proposal: cosy, comfortable and subtle.

Christmas event service

In ZonaE, we also have a capacity for up to 500 vehicles and a work team that is willing to carry out the most ambitious Christmas events, thanks to the fact that we have the optimal equipment to make it possible.

Because you deserve to start 2018 on the right foot, we want to be your best ally. We are ZonaE, that place you will always want to return to because it will surprise you.


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