Bachelor parties, an age-old practice?

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Bachelor parties have become more sophisticated over time and have become a festivity without creative limits; However, this practice is not new at all, as it was also full of mystical symbolism and friendship.


The reason for holding a 12-day-long pre-wedding celebration was to worship the goddess of fertility, yes, the celebration was exclusive to high-caste women. The women who would get married that year, women close to the family, but of childbearing age, participated in the festivities.


By the 5th century B.C. The soldiers of Sparta had a kind of bachelor parties as a tradition through a celebration for the future husband in which his temperance was tested to be faithful to the bride. They carried a sensual woman whose objective was through a show, to seduce the boyfriend to see if he agreed.


In Greece, known as Dionysus and in Italy as the god Bacchus, the aristocracy celebrated the ‘bacchanalia’.

In Italy, they were held on the Aventine Hill on March 16 and 17, the days on which women bid farewell to their brides.

Later men began to make their, worshiping the Liber god of fertility and growth.


Perhaps this is part of some traditional story, but it is said that, in Germany, bachelor parties originated when two young men wanted to get married, he being from a very humble origin.

This caused the girl’s father to oppose it, in order to preserve the lineage and status. Even so, the couple set a date and decided to get married no matter what.

The father threatened to disinherit his daughter and stop being his father; However, the young people decided to get married and when their friends found out, they thought that there was indeed love.


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